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Conferences and workshops

From the beginning the lively conferences and workshops for Steiner/Waldorf initiatives have been taking place in the Mother School. Teachers from all the Steiner/Waldorf schools in East Africa have met over two or three days for conferences, sharing inspiration and experiences from the pedagogical area, and learning more and more about this special education for the good of the children in East Africa.

The school has been the founder and carrier of the anthroposophical conferences, which has been deepening the work with the Study of Man given by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Steiner/Waldorf education. These conferences take place every three years in the school.

Conferences are planned in cooperation with local and international colleagues. This working together between cultures gives the conferences a mood of human oneness and a feeling of building a global future together.

Teacher Self Development

A group of a few teachers was formed with Troels Ussing. The group works to build on Teacher’s Self Development. This study group is for Interested and dedicated Waldorf/Steiner Teachers in East Africa. It runs for two full days during each term.