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The School Governance
The Board of Trustees of the Rudolf Steiner School carries the legal responsibility for the school. Its aim is to deliver Steiner/Waldorf Education. The Board of Trustees appoint the School Leader and the Administrator/Financial Manager and give the teachers (College of Teachers) the mandate to run the educational side of the school. The school is a private school, run by employees of the trust.

The employees of the Trust include: the School Leader, the Manager of Finance and Administration, bookkeeper, teachers, office staff, security, farmers, boarding parents, cooks, cleaners, drivers, maintenance and groundsman. There is no headmaster; instead the school is headed by a team of teachers and management facilitated by the School Leader and Manager.

Vision of the School
Rudolf Steiner School is a model Steiner/Waldorf based school that nurtures individuals in a diverse cultural environment to transform and impact the society positively.

Mission of the School
Our mission is to impart quality Steiner/Waldorf education in the individuals so as to promote creativity, responsibility, independence in the children and support a holistic child development in a healthy, safe and sustainable environment.