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AWSNA – Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Our partners in Germany, the Freunde der Erziehungskunst have a written agreement about the transfer of funds. Freunde then sends the money to us together with other donations and sponsorships. It is cheaper that way compared to using other payment options. It is very convenient to pay a lump sum amount.

Please see the details below:

Yes, AWSNA is a pass-through for donations to international schools so that U.S. donors can receive a receipt for tax reporting purposes.

The way the process unfolds is: 

A donation is received by AWSNA via check, PayPal, or wire transfer, and is designated for a Waldorf school outside the U.S.

AWSNA prepares an acknowledgement letter for the donor for tax reporting purposes, and delivers it along with a Donor Agreement. The Agreement outlines the specifics about how Freunde is to handle the funds, i.e., which school is to receive them, and is signed by both AWSNA and the donor.

When the Agreement is signed and returned to AWSNA, AWSNA prepares to transfer the funds with the next quarterly disbursement to Freunde.

Is this helpful? Please let me know what other questions you may have. I can see how going through AWSNA and then Freunde would seem cumbersome – however, having AWSNA as the pass through simply ensures the tax deductibility of donations made by U.S. citizens and organizations. If a call would be easier for further clarification, you may feel free to contact Laura Postusta Sharp at AWSNA on her cell phone at 303-579-4844.